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RenMice™ HiTS Platform
Large-scale development of thousands of target antibody drugs
General Overview: The RenMice™ HiTS (Hyperimmune Target Specific) Platform is to develop antibody hits for thousands of potential drug targets through targeted genetic disruption of RenMab mice. It is an open, collaborative project dedicated to working with partners to achieve the goal of developing new drugs through innovation in technology and ideas.
RenMice™ HiTS Platform
About the RenMice™ HiTS Platform

The global competition for the development of FIC (first-in-class) target drugs is fierce. In order to improve the efficiency of drug development, Biocytogen followed the principle of "begin with the end in mind" and launched the Platform in March 2020, which was an important milestone in Biocytogen’s quest for large-scale development of antibody drugs. The goal is to knockout thousands of potential antibody drug targets one by one over a period of 3–5 years in the fully human antibody mouse RenMab, and to use these knockout mice to discover fully human therapeutic antibody drugs. This project aims to uncover multi-species cross-reactive FIC targets, which can improve the success rate of clinical transformation and significantly accelerate the development process. The antibodies will undergo in vivo efficacy screening in animals with multiple genetic backgrounds.

Key points of the project include:

l Complete knockout of more than 1000 Targets in RenMab mice (non-lethal targets)

l Complete antibody preparation of more than 1000 Targets using Target KO RenMab mice

l Screen antibodies with similar affinity to targets of multiple species by antigen cross-immunization in multi-species

l Find the antibody with the best efficacy by in vivo efficacy screening of mice

l Effective targets and antibodies in mice will be further verified in pets (clinical trials of pets)

l Advance IND application for antibodies that are effective for pets

Baccetus has achieved the full human antibody mouse platform authorization with a number of drug companies around the world, and cooperated with antibody drug development strategy. Click the button below to learn about the cooperation mode
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