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Data from preclinical studies have shown that YH002, an agonistic monoclonal antibody targeting OX40, can compete with OX40L to bind to OX40, activate OX40/OX40L and a series of signaling pathways, and greatly promote the activation and proliferation of T cells. The unique antigen-binding epitope of YH002 makes it an excellent immune-activating antibody, and it has a good safety profile. In addition, YH002 can reverse the immunosuppressive effect of Regulatory T cells (Treg cells) in tumors, including directly inhibiting the activation of Tregs and mediating the elimination of ADCC-dependent cells, so as to further amplify the effect of T cell activation, thus making it an attractive therapeutic agent for treating a variety of tumors. YH002 demonstrated excellent efficacy in vivo in Biocytogen’s OX40 humanized mice and has great potential for future combination therapy.

YH002 has been approved by NMPA and the FDA for Phase I clinical trials as a single agent in China and the United States.