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YH001, a monoclonal antibody targeting CTLA-4, can improve the body's immune response to tumor cells and enhance the removal of Regulatory T cells (Treg cells) in the tumor microenvironment, making it an attractive therapeutic agent fortreating a variety of tumors. It is considered to be the most promising tumor immunotherapy to enhance patients' immune response to tumors by blocking an inhibitory signal of human anti-tumor responses. The R & D team redesigned their approach to developing CTLA-4 antibodies and discovered YH001 using the "gold standard" in vivo efficacy screening in syngeneic tumor models. In preclinical studies, YH001 showed extremely high affinity and excellent safety performance, and has demonstrated promising potential in combination with other drugs in animal efficacy experiments.

YH001 had been approved the IND application by the FDA in June 2021 and we are applying for CTN/IND approval from the TGA, the Taiwan FDA and the NMPA.