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Bispecific Antibody Technology Platform

At present, there is no universal program of bispecific antibody that can adapt to all biological characteristics. Different target combinations may require different bispecific antibody frameworks and binding epitopes to meet the required biological activity. The potential of a bispecific antibody is determined by three factors: antibody sequence, target combination, and assembly form.

Abundant and diverse antibody sequences can be obtained through RenMab, RenLite and RenNano mice, as well as the four antibody discovery platforms of the company. The Project Integrum of Biocytogen can provide more choices for target combination of bispecific antibodies. Based on RenLite common light-chain mouse platform and the bispecific antibody assembly platform with independent intellectual property rights, bispecific antibodies with various structural forms can be assembled, and lead molecules with good druggability can be obtained through in vitro and in vivo evaluation, so as to find novel target combinations with differentiation. Based on the above strategies, we identified novel target-combined bispecific antibody molecules with an innovative mechanism of action and good synergism, creating the possibility of achieving better clinical translation rates.

Biocytogen’s bispecific antibody assembly platform with independent intellectual property rights is compatible with the assembly of various components such as SCFV, polypeptides, ligands, nanobodies and cytokines. The combination with other technologies such as Knobs-into-hole makes the assembly form of dual antibody more flexible. The bifunctional molecule of targeted antibody cytokines in tumor microenvironment developed by us with this bispecific antibody platform technology has significantly better biosynergistic effect than monoclonal antibody, and provides a solution for the druggability of cytokine proteinoids.