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GPCR Technology Platform

GPCR (G protein-coupled receptor) protein is the most abundant membrane protein in human genome, its main function is to transmit the extracellular information into the cell through the signal pathway, and then cause a variety of cell responses. One third of the drugs on the market target the GPCR protein, activating or blocking the GPCR signal pathway to achieve therapeutic effects. Compared with small molecule drugs and antibody drugs of extracellular proteins, antibody drugs of GPCR can not only activate or block the signal pathway, but also directly eliminate diseased cells through the ADCC or ADCP effect of antibodies in a targeted way.

In the past, the progress was slow due to the difficulty in antigen preparation and the lack of high-throughput screening methods for GPCR antibody discovery. However, with the rapid development of antibody development technology, Biocytogen has been equipped with a perfect GPCR antibody discovery platform. The target knockout RenMab mice were immunized with multiple GPCR antigens, and the fully human antibody for this target was obtained directly, avoiding the decrease of affinity during the humanization of the antibody. After RenMab mice were immunized, GPCR-specific antibodies were rapidly screened by Optofluidic system and other technology platforms with high throughput. The reporting cell lines obtained from gene editing engineering and the efficacy analysis of humanized mice in vitro and in vivo were used to obtain the most intuitive and real in vivo experimental data, so as to achieve rapid discovery of GPCR antibody drugs in a large number.