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Translational Medicine for Pets

In the recent 20 years, research on canine tumors has increased, and Cancer Moonshot launched the canine genome sequencing project. Major scientific research institutions, drug development enterprises and veterinary clinics in the United States have also jointly carried out clinical trials of various anti-tumor new drugs in dogs, with a view to improving the life conditions of sick animals, helping humans to understand the mechanism of tumor more clearly and identify potential tumor targets, and providing valuable data reference for possible human clinical trials in the future.

Thanks to the smooth implementation of Project Integrum of Biocytogen, several new antibody drugs of cross-identification in dogs and humans will successively enter into Translational Medicine Research Laboratory for clinical trials on pet tumors in the next few years, in order to further analyze and verify the mechanism of action, safety and efficacy of the drugs, and provide important guidance for the possible future human clinical research that cannot be replaced by traditional models such as mice and experimental dogs.

New drug development model of Biocytogen