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Fully human antibody mouse, accelerating the process of new drug development

Based on the R&D demand of innovative fully human antibody drugs in China, Biocytogen has independently developed the fully human antibody mouse RenMice platform with its solid technological innovation strength, including RenMabTM mouse, RenLiteTM mouse (Common Light Chain), which can meet the diversified new drug development scenarios, such as fully humanized monoclonal antibody drug development, bispecific/multispecific antibody drug development, and help global drug companies accelerate the process of drug development.


Based on chromosome engineering technology, Biocytogen adopts the strategy of large segment in-situ replacement to replace the human antibody gene sequence and retain the FC region sequence of mice, so as to ensure the production of the fully human antibody and the normal development of the immune system. The RenMice platform has rich diversity, high affinity and strong ability to produce specific antibodies, which is more advantageous in the antibody drug development.

Based on RenMab mice, Biocytogen has comprehensively launched the large-scale development of antibody drugs - "RenMice™ HiTS Platform” with integrated technology platforms, expecting to benefit patients with fast, effective drugs with high clinical translation rate. We sincerely invite you to join us to benefit patients all over the world!


Baccetus has achieved the full human antibody mouse platform authorization with a number of drug companies around the world, and cooperated with antibody drug development strategy. Click the button below to learn about the cooperation mode
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